Commercial Display

55" High-Bright & Ultra Narrow Bezel LED

The Wavex SNX55LBHa display represents the cutting-edge of direct-view LCD technology. It combines a simple and slim design with unparalleled image quality and a configurable I/O to support an easy large format video wall for a wide range of digital signage and control-room applications.

  • Superior Resolution & High Brightness
  • Ultra3Wide Viewing Angle
  • Video Wall Toolbox software (included)
  • 5.7mm Image-to-Image
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Configurable I/O
  • Energy Saving Control
  • Direct LED back-light
  • Portrait & Landscape Compatible
Applications :
  • Control Room
  • Digital Signage

46" Super Narrow Bezel LCD Wall

Built with high brightness LCD panel at 450 nits, and super slim 5.6mm(2.1+3.5mm) bezel, this unique 46” LCD module is designed to form LCD wall in “matrix” or “banner” form factor for all possible commercial sites, such as stadium, auditorium, concert, concourses, where large group of viewers may gather and watch. Come whatever combination of panel quantity (5x5 max., equal to more than 11 meters diagonal display size), and aspect, this display module will easily blend into interior decoration. Ideal to display content in several resolution option, much video, flash file, running text etc., can be put on display and in large format.

  • Control Room
  • Digital Signage