Graphics Content Delivery

Our WavexTouch content delivery services enable the hardware we offer- RealFiction, Exceptional 3D, glass free 3D displays and interactive kiosks, tables and screens for different market-segments, to perform and deliver the final experience to its full potential.

The specialized display products are as good as their content and at WavexTouch, our content delivery team specializes in creating content which will enhance the viewing experience, so that the final customer experience is WOW!!

Maximize the holographic experience for RealFiction displays, where viewers can feel the experience of a product enticing them to pick it up from the shelf in a retail shop, as it comes towards them in all its glory! Create awesome content for glass free 3D, interactive presentations, wayfinding solutions for interactive screens, kiosks and tables.

If you are building an experience center with large interactive videowalls, we are the partners you should talk to.

Our content delivery team consists of creative directors, concept artists, designers, 3D modelers and animators, programmers and teams with specialization in gaming engines like Unity3D.