Fascinate Customer with Disruptive Technology

Imagine the 3D experience in a Retail environment, a corporate lobby, an Airport Digital sign age and that too without Glass.

Exceptional 3D Auto-stereoscopic solution is a patented, lenticular lens technology that works in part with the combination of hardware (display, lens or filter), proprietary software and special content that is created using Exceptional 3D content creation suite. The net result of these elements combined, delivers amazing eye catching 3D images on our displays. Auto-Stereoscopic 3D display technology is a method of displaying stereoscopic images that do not require annoying glasses to see 3D images. This technology is also known as "glasses-free 3D”. We Exceptional 3D products have 9 or 16, depending on the size, distinct points of view allowing for one only to be seen through the lens from any given angle. Exceptional 3D displays have a 90° angle so multiple viewers can see 3D at one given time.

Exceptional 3D display comes in HD sizes: 10.1”, 24”, 32”, 46’” and 55” and also 58”, 65” and 85” is available in UDH.

2X2 Videowall is available 58” and 65” UHD.


Hassel free, Glass free 3D Display:
Exceptional 3D, patented, lenticular lens technology direct discrete images to each eye, we use multiple magnified lenses on the screen to give the illusion of depth. Because your eyes are anywhere from 2.5 to 2.75 inches apart they actually see two different points of view. The lenses are arranged so that when viewed from slightly different angles, different images are magnified creating the 3D effect. As the user moves from left to right the viewing zones will transition through each viewing angle, however the processing behind the monitor will still have to project each image stream It's basically an advanced version of those old baseball or post cards with a 3D image printed on them which you can see when you move the card from side to side.

Long life monitor:
Exceptional 3D uses High Definition commercial grade monitors that are made to run 50,000 light hours, this is important and should be considered when purchasing displays for digital signage applications where displays need to run 24/7. Exceptional 3D displays are covered under the original manufacturer warranty for 2 years parts and labor, including backlight.

Versatile Display:
One of the major benefits of the patented Exceptional 3D display technology is that our auto-stereoscopic displays allow for the playback of traditional 2D content with very little loss of resolution or contrast. This allows network operators to continue to playback 2D content seamlessly, while also displaying amazing, immersive eye catching 3D advertising content; and can even play back 2D and 3D content split screen simultaneously with content management software.

Better Content Management for both 2D and 3D content:
Exceptional 3D software can be integrated with most content management solutions that are currently being used. This will allow network operators to set templates where they can show a full screen 3D advertisement and 2D infotainment or video in full screen than have it switch to split screens playing back 2D and 3D content simultaneously, you can even have a RSS feed such as CNN news playing along the bottom of the screen.

Other Specialized Solution Applications:
The 3D display technology can also used for many other applications that include medical imaging, military simulation, AutoCAD and casino & video gaming.

Companies are always looking for way to better communicate with their employees and their customers and they are turning to digital signage to help. What better way to introduce your company to customers then having a Exceptional 3D display in the lobby of your offices where customer are waiting to meet with members of your team.

To help improve internal communications within a company many organizations are turning to 3D digital signage to get their message across and keep their employees up to speed on projects, stocks and company events.

Digital Signage in retail is a way of life and will only get more popular in the future as more brands and advertisers are shifting their advertising budgets from traditional print & TV to “point of sale” where customers make their purchasing decisions.

What better way for these brands to get their message across then to have the ad in 3D. When customers see a 3D ad on Exceptional 3D displays not only will they be entertained they will also have more recall for the product and be more likely to purchase the product.

Retailer are installing more displays throughout their stores as they know that digital signage provides a uplift in sales and enhances their patrons in store experience. One of the key benefits of Exceptional 3D solutions is our ability to integrate our 3D media player with existing content management software, this allows for store owner to set templates where they can have the display show traditional 2D infotainment such as promoting recipes, fashion shows or weather and then have 3D advertisement show on another part of the display or full screen.

Public Places:
Transportation digital signage is popping up in train stations, buses and airport terminals around the world helping people make reservations, displaying schedules and showing branded advertising. Most transportation hubs use digital signage to show arrival & departures schedules, these are done in real-time. These displays can also serve a dual purpose by showing branded advertising for products and services available in the transportation center. Exceptional 3D displays are the perfect solution for transportation centers and our displays can show 2D as well as 3D, so we can show in real time departure times and then show a 3D ad and we can even show both 2D and 3D split screen.