The WavexTouch TouchTable is fully scalable as the configuration of monitors 2x2, 3x2, 4x2 etc. determine the size. Diagonals from 92” to 200” can be created using this unique design. All electrical and cooling components are stored in the legs. The TouchTable adds a WOW factor to any foyer, academy, museum or retail space, meeting room or demo centers. It is also a unique tool for communicating with your audience, gathering marketing data and generating real returns on your investment.


Built to your specification:
The the WavexTouch tables can be customized as per the requirement of the client and will be built as an optimized solution for the specific requirement.

Vandal proof Design:
High quality contemporary finish, in color of choice. Made with aluminum/ steel and toughened glass.

Great design for every requirement:
Plug & Play connectivity and lockable access to ports on the PC. Connectivity for USB, LAN, Wireless Lan, Bluetooth, RFID etc. Internal cooling and ventilation system ensures prolonged life of the displays.

Interactivity for large Crowd:
Wavextouch Infrared touch system facilitates up to 40 touches for users at one time so that every participant across the table will participate in the experience designed for them.

Retail and Public Places:
Way finding touch tables.

Business and Government:
Way finding touch tables, experience centers' information touch tables.

Way finding and information touch tables.