Many shopping malls, hospitals, airports and other large public buildings use Interactive Kiosks to allow visitors to navigate in buildings. Information Kiosks are used as a building directory and way finding solution. They are also used for sharing information on the building, art installation and any specific need where information is required on demand.

Retail stores install Information Kiosks to highlight specific products by sharing information on the products the SKU available and any special promotions running on the products.

Education, business and government sectors' use Information Kiosks for queuing, information dissemination and way finding.


Built to your specification:
The Information kiosks can be customized as per the requirement of the client and will be built as an optimized solution for the specific requirement.

Auto Signal Detection Technology (ASDT) for Green Technology:
Kiosk are fitted with Wavex Interactive display that save electricity as it switches on or off automatically by sensing signal input to the display. This feature makes them the best in class green technology product.

Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) for long Life:
ALS enhances the life of the Kiosks fitted with Wavex iInteractive touch displays, as it helps the display to adjust its brightness based on the ambient light of the room. This also helps the viewers as they do not strain their eyes while watching the display.

Ultra Durable product:
50000 hours of life with the use of commercial panel and metal chassis makes Wavex Kisoks one of the most durable displays in the market.

Anti Reflective Glass for Clear Vision:
Anti reflective glass, improves the efficiency since less light is lost and it helps the viewer to see the display clearly without any reflection of ambient lights.

Retail and Public Places:
Information Kiosk and Way Finding Kiosks.

Business and Government:
Information Kiosk and Way Finding Kiosks.

Information Kiosk and Way Finding Kiosks.