MTC Interactive White Board

MTC Interactive White Board is a combination of easy to use white board formats integrated with the computer. It is key to new training experiences and practices cutting across businesses, government sectors and other learning environments.

The great advantage of this product is that it allows direct digital annotation in the normal duration of a learning session or presentation; these are automatically saved for future reference or sharing with others in pdf, jpg and other popular formats. Apart from convenience, the product is so easy to operate that it requires no extra training effort.

No wonder this has become an iconic technology driven product of our times and is used by millions worldwide in businesses, corporate training and reviews, universities, seminars, exhibitions and presentations as well as government briefings.


Ease of operation:
Allows users to control the content; very easily; swipe, scroll, pinch, zoom thru the multi-touch functionality of the board.

Team learning:
Collaborative learning is easy as two users can use the board simultaneously.

Intuitive pen tray for easy less delivery:
Pick the pen from the tray and the sensor will detect the color and write in the same color on the board; no more clicking buttons to select color to write on the board.

Vandal resistance Board:
The writing surface compatible with the dry eraser markers and the construction with porcelain and metal, makes the board vandal resistant.

Quick access to software menu on the board:
Teach infinity software, a free education bundled software can be navigated, with the hot keys on the board.

Platform Neutral hardware:
Both PC as well as Mac users can use the board with the same ease.

Interactive Boards from MTC are an ideal choice for education institutes; K12 to colleges and universities who want to upgrade from Black board to interactive technology. This will help teachers to prepare interactive lessons for students and enable students to understand and imbibe faster and better.