IP65 rated rugged monitor for Harsh Environment

Information has no boundary and is consumed both indoors and outdoors. Brands are getting out and talking to the consumers at every place where they can connect with them. Therefore, special displays which can work in harsher conditions: heat, moisture and dust; which were once manufactured for government & defense are now available to the open market. They are deployed in open areas in retail spaces: outside malls, public places; street furniture and outdoor way finding signage.

Wavex offers Outdoor Displays which are built to adapt and to operate under harsh and hostile environment and elements. The display complies with IP55 to ward off impregnation of water/humidity/dust and other substances. This product comes in only one size, 55”.

We also offer Outdoor Kiosks fitted with Outdoor Displays, the Outdoor Kiosks are in a capsulated case which is built to protect the unit from any mishandling that may impair the functionality of the unit.


Auto Signal Detection Technology (ASDT) for Green Technology:
Wavex interactive touch display saves electricity as it switches on or off automatically by sensing signal input to the display. This feature makes them the best in class green technology product.

Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) for long Life:
ALS enhances the life of the Wavex interactive touch displays, as it helps the display to adjust its brightness based on the ambient light of the room. This also helps the viewers as they do not strain their eyes while watching the display.

Ultra Durable product:
60000 hours of life with the use of commercial panel and metal chassis makes Wavex interactive touch display one of the most durable displays in the market.

Plug and Play for ease of use:
Wavex interactive touch displays are HID compliant and work with any platform: PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

Anti Reflective Glass for Clear Vision:
Wavex interactive touch displays come with anti reflective glass. This improves the efficiency since less light is lost and it helps participants to see the display clearly without any reflection of ambient lights.

HD technology for Vivid Images:
Wavex interactive touch displays are available with HD technology which offers better resolution and color fidelity.

Secured Investment:
As the Wavex overlay technology is FCC, CE, RoHS certified, your investment is secured.

Wavex Outdoor displays can be used in a variety of ways and can be integrated to offer solutions with the following applications:

Kiosks for Way Finding in educational campus and outdoor Digital Signage for campus, cafeteria and auditoriums.

Corporate & Government:
Kiosks for Way Finding, Digital Boards and Signage in corporate campus, cafeteria, campus and any customized solutions.

Retail Spaces:
Kiosks for Way Finding Digital Signage, Information Kiosks outside Malls and any customized solutions.

Public Places:
Kiosks for Way Finding, Digital Signage, Information Kiosks for outdoor public places and any customized solutions.