Customer Engagement beyond Screens

Brands' biggest challenge today is to stand out in the clutter. An engagement solution, which can break the clutter and get the brand straight to the customer, for her to make a decision, will be a winner.

Real Fiction is a solution which delivers exceptional customer engagement thru its “Holographic Displays”. Enveloping the physical product in a magical 3D holographic story helps them to connect emotionally with their audience and differentiate the brand message.

They come in different sizes, to suit any space for displaying the brand message; a small shelf to a large atrium of a shopping mall or a corporate reception.


Suits Every Budget and Occasion:
RealFiction Displays are available in various sizes for brand and marketing custodians to plan a campaign basis the budget and size of the audience.

RealFiction Displays come as single sided, two sided, three sided and four-sided displays, for different type of usages: in the shelf, or in the aisle or in public places and lobbies.

Interacts on viewers’ wish:
RealFiction 3D Holographic Display System can be activated for the user and the used can interact with the virtual products using nothing more than a smartphone. Any smartphone can be used without the need to install additional software.

The Wow Effect:
The content can be customized basis clients' requirement where the product, the brand and the message will be modeled to offer 3D Holographic images stitched together to run as a movie, with special effects.

RealFiction is the only complete solution for product launches, point of sale, customer engagements and corporate lobby and is guaranteed to command attention from the target audiences.

Brands need to communicate with the customer everywhere and RealFiction offers the platform to communicate with the customer in 3D holographic images; in retail stores, shopping malls or at a corporate reception.

Retail Space:
Essentially, "retail space" has to be a most productive and most efficient salesperson. Optimizing the sales space for maximum revenue thru visual merchandising, RealFiction helps deliver exceptionally eye-catching brand and product communication thru 3D holographic, visuals in the shelf spaces and aisles in a retail store.

Customer Engagement:
Customer engagements are one of the best tools used by brand or trade marketing managers to engage with customers and communicate brand salience with them, for reaching the customer engagement objective.

RealFiction offers an ideal platform for customer engagement, which will WOW the customer with a 3D Holographic engagement message.

Product launches:
Product launches are a mission critical aspect of a brand and no stone is left unturned to put up a great show for the stakeholders, employees, trade partners and customers.

With RealFiction, the mission critical task becomes easy to execute and the stakeholders' delight helps the brand to achieve the buy-in from them.

Corporate Reception:
The corporate lobby is the first impressions point for an organization to impress its visitors.

RealFiction is a novel way to communicate the company's value and mission along with the brands thru which they fulfill their vision and mission.