Switching solutions from Videowall processor Leader

Dexon systems manufactures signal processing and switching equipment like scalers, cat5/6 based transmitter’s switchers and matrix switchers.

DEXON Systems' DIMAX Matrix Switchers are vital components in demanding AV projects where different input signals must be switched to any or multiple outputs. They serve presentation, digital signage or conference room applications that demand the best equipment in order to deliver complete solutions.

DEXON provides perfect solution with smart features as multi-format input handling, quality scaling and seamless switching. DIMAX Family offers superior design, excellent price/performance balance, brilliant video quality and high reliability tailored to challenging AV projects. Easy installation and usage is guaranteed by DEXONs intuitive man-machine interface.

Seamless switching:
The matrix switcher features seamless switching so there are no black frames in between as the sources are switched. The customer views smooth video while switching sources.

Arbitrary scaling of input channels to any output channel. Also signal conversion from any format to DVI on the outputs. So when an input source is changed there are no flickers in the displays.

Multiformat inputs:
Inputs can be in multiple formats including CV, SV, Component, DVI, VGA, SDI, HD SDI. You don’t need a separate switcher for each signal type.

Board rooms:

Meeting rooms:


Training rooms: