Truly Integrated Videowall Processor

A well-designed and integrated control room provides a comprehensive overview of independent information sources. It provides the situational awareness that enables operators to make quick decisions that affect the organization and its stakeholders.

The technology incorporated has changed over the years but the control room is still an operations center. Essentially, it brings together multiple data sources in real-time. That data is presented in a controllable visual format that can be displayed at any size for use by multiple operators. The result: a company gains absolute control of its environment 24/7 and potential issues can be quickly recognized and dealt with, swiftly and efficiently. The video wall processor enables the video information to be presented in an easy and flexible way so that any input can be displayed on any part of the video wall and also using any type of inputs.

DEXON Systems has been manufacturing video wall controller for mission critical control room environments with perfect and full solution for any multi-image video wall or control room visualization project without limitations for more than 20 years.

Large Video walls:
Available with 64 display outputs and custom solutions for video walls with more than 64 displays.

Available with redundant power supply, for mission critical applications.

Multiple input types:
Available with CV, SV, Component, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, HD SDI inputs.

Built in CAT6 TX:
Available with built in CAT6 transmitters for applications where the video wall controller is in a different room than the video wall. The video wall displays will have the receivers installed nearby.

Many of the video wall controllers installed have been running for more than 5 years without disruption.

Ease to use:
The software interface is intuitive and easy to use. Ipad, iphone, android app available for easy control. Web control and client software is also available for control.

Easy to integrate with various third party control applications with easy to use interface available on various platforms. Eg; RS-232, TCP/IP, HTTP, SNMP. Module available for AMX, Crestron and Cue control systems. Easy to use integration interface for CCTV control applications.

Control rooms:
Dexon video wall controllers are mostly used for monitoring in control rooms with any kind of inputs and display outputs.

CCTV Monitoring:
With IP cameras being used in monitoring, IP decoding on video wall controllers have become the easiest way to display the CCTV camera images. Dexon has a full range of IP Camera monitoring solutions.

Retail video walls:
The video wall controllers can be used for retail solutions where video walls have become common in retail spaces.