A laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, they are not just pieces of equipment anymore, but rather an extension of self. Every person uses his or her devices to express themselves in some manner and their devices are a mirror into their innermost self.

Currently a lot of the populace choose to use their own devices whether it is at work or in school or anywhere else. It is imperative that any system that involves interaction between separate individuals allows for their individual devices to be able to come to a single platform. Regardless of the OS, regardless of the make and model of the device, here at Wavex Touch, we have provided a platform that works.

To be able to interact and share with others using Wavex interactive touch displays, it is not at all required to be on a similar device, but rather, it allows for people to interact while using the devices that they are comfortable with. It brings individuality to a single platform where it can work together to achieve complete success.