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Touch the future

Wavex Touch is an audio visual technology organization based in the US with a network of leading technology partners, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors worldwide. The company offers a heightened and smart technology driven communications interface to its customers through its range of audio visual and touch interactive products. These products cater to the specific communication requirements that are constantly emerging in diverse sectors including Education, Corporate and Government as well as specific community and mass driven applications in public areas such as community centres, airports and malls.

As the role of technology based products in every sphere of human activity grows, people everywhere seek to improve their quality of life through value added interactions, communications and collaborations. Wavex Touch and its range of audio visual and touch interactive products are committed to making this happen for all our customers worldwide.

The faculties of touch and vision are central to the learning experience and communication. Our products are based on the best technology has to offer today, along with an understanding of the human sensory system. Our team, comprising in house technical specialists and technology partners including leading brands like Next Window based in New Zealand, are committed to understanding and delivering products for existing markets as well as the markets of tomorrow in vast expanses of the developing world. Our dealer networks are well placed to meet the rising demand in this sector and are supported by our offices in India, the Middle East, US and Africa and are committed to deliver our products and services at attractive prices.

Reading latent needs, anticipating trends and convergences in the business environment and social ecology to create products which use technology as a leverage in diverse communications interfaces, defines our corporate mission.

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