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Interact Live

Collaboration is key to success in the workplace; it helps teams ideate and create strategies and actionable plans to achieve the objectives defined for the organization.

WavexTouch, a multinational company offering products that enable collaboration in the workplace, brings you “interact:live” the collaboration solution that is so advanced that you can perform any task required to collaborate with your team in the same location or even in remote locations.

Interact:live is a solution which offers high definition interactive display with collaboration technology that is platform neutral so you can connect to any device: smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC, wirelessly; in meeting rooms, breakout rooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, boardrooms, lounges or any other area in the organization.

Interact:live allows every participant in the meeting environment to share ideas from their personal screen to the main large format touch interactive display, broadcast the same to all participants or to select few who can then take the idea forward as a focus workgroup. A participant can drag and drop a file to the personal device of the team member participating in the meeting.

The group can edit, annotate and comment using the inbuilt interactive white board program and can stream 4K or 1080p HD videos effortlessly, on the main touch interactive display or to personal screens.

Connecting with a remote team member is effortless as interact:live has bundled third party communication tools like Skype®,Go To Meeting®, WebEX®, MS Office® and Lync® for video conferencing.

Interact:live is offered in two HD display formats, dual display(sizes 46” x 2 and 55” x 2) or single display (55”, 70” and 84”).

So whether you collaborate for brainstorming sessions or for multi-location task forces or whether you are planning your sales and marketing reviews, annual performance reviews or training programs or a townhall  meeting, all this is possible seamlessly now with interactive:live from WavexTouch.



  • High Definition Displays

  • Touch interactive

  • Interactive Whiteboard Application

  • BYOD Wireless Collaboration

  • HDMI Input

  • Wireless 4K/ HD 1080p

  • Dynamic Display Layout

  • Collaboration Notes

  • Team Collaboration

  • Reverse Control

  • Cloud

  • Support for 3rd party Apps


  • Interactive Education

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