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Interactive Systems

Touch Interactive Systems are fast becoming the most coveted technology in computer hardware. In the near future, multi touch and interactive technology will be the fastest growing technology in the audio visual industry. Interactive systems empower display manufacturers, AV integrators, installation designers, retailers, shop windows, and other interfaces that people can interact with. These systems, especially Interactive White Boards, are especially important for diverse learning environments in the education sector.


Wavex Touch helps convert any monitor or surface to a single, dual and multi touch compatible capacity. This has fantastic possibilities for the further extension of communication, giving users the benefits of interacting with content, and images with a tap of the fingers. Our products in this category include Touch Overlays, Integrated Touch Displays and Interactive White Boards.

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Integrated Touch Displays

Converging benefits

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Interactive Overlays

Discovering multi touch capabilities

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Interactive White Board

Keeping notes and more

Interactive/Non-Interactive Kiosk

A kiosk is a digital display or small structure that businesses place in high-traffic areas to provide information or offer self-service options, often incorporating an interactive display screen.

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