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Video Wall Processor

Dexon Systems

Video Wall Processor

DEXON Systems Ltd. is the developer and manufacturer of advanced video wall controllers for multi-screen video display projects. The portfolio of different viewers, splitters, edge blending video processors, video wall controllers and video wall servers offers perfect solution for any multi-image video wall or control room visualization project. Integration of Express Crossbar technology based hardware and cleverly sophisticated DXWall software system ensures the best graphics and video display performance over the wall surface. The technological leadership results large graphics desktop, crystal clear video overlay quality and guaranteed real time display of multi-standard video input signals.

Video Wall Controllers
• Control of multi-screen video walls
• Windows10 graphics applications
• Direct input video overlays with audio
• Set of 4RU, 7RU, 14RU modular chassis
• PIP2, PIP4, PIP8 real-time video display
• Intuitive software for remote management

Video Wall Processors
• Control of multi-screen video walls
• PIP2, PIP4, PIP8 real-time video display
• Direct video input windows
• Scaling, fade effects, OSD, PIP
• Integrated audio matrix service
• Web browser based remote control

Matrix Switchers
• All-in-one modular matrix switchers
• PIP2 real time-video display
• Scaling, seamless switch, fading, PIP, OSD
• Integrated audio matrix handling
• Live preview of multiple signals
• Professional, browser-based remote control

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