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Interactive Overlays

Discovering multi touch capabilities

Interactive Overlays

Touch screens have been ubiquitous for more than a quarter of a century. Most of us have been habitual users of such applications as the ATM machine. In addition, over the last decade, retail settings, tourist attractions and museums too have discovered specific uses for the storage and recall of information through these screens. Based on Optical Touch technology from Next Windows, Wavex Touch offers you the chance to convert any existing LCD, LED or plasma display interactive systems.

Next Window's Optical Touch technology uses optical sensors to detect the touch point; the touch registers just before the actual physical touch on the screen. This enables users to apply the lightest touch and elicit a response. Touch in this case refers to a wide range of input devices, such as a paint brush, finger, pen, or stylus. These screens not only provide traditional touch functions - point, click, drag, and drop - but also multi-touch functions, such as pan, pinch, double-tap, and scroll. This opens up unprecedented opportunities for discovery and creative interaction with knowledge systems and other inputs.

These Interactive Screens have found wide usage in the Education, Business and Government sectors apart from Public Areas. Wavex Touch offers Interactive Screens in two product ranges: Series 2700 and Series 2150.

• Fits screens from 30" to 120" ( Series 2150 ) and 30"-82 ( Series 2700)
• Landscape or portrait orientation
• Multi-touch capable
• Once-only calibration, four-points with no drift
• Optical Touch technology for exceptional clarity and accuracy
• Clear glass for maximum clarity
• HID-compliant USB plug-and-play, with no special software drivers required
• One cable for power and communications

• Interactive Education
• Conferences and Meeting rooms
• Digital Signage
• Directories
• Way finding
• Kiosks

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