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Interactive White Board

Keeping notes and more

Interactive White Board

Wavex Touch Interactive White Board is a combination of easy to use white board formats integrated with the computer, and are key to new training experiences and practices cutting across businesses, government sectors and other learning environments.

The great advantage of this product is that it allows direct digital annotation in the normal duration of a learning session or presentation; these are automatically saved for future reference or sharing with others in pdf, jpg and other popular formats. Apart from convenience, the product is so easy to operate that it requires no extra training effort.

No wonder this has become an iconic technology driven product of our times and is used by millions worldwide in businesses, corporate training and reviews, universities, seminars, exhibitions and presentations as well as government briefings.

• Intelligent hand gesture recognition
• Easy install, easy use and easy maintenance
• Smooth writing, high precision
• Support multi-touch
• Project board: high gain, durable, anti-glare. Can be used directly under sunshine
• Durable simple movable and adjustable stand
• No external power supply requirement
• No electromagnetic radiation
• Intelligent ferule
• Intelligent pen

• Education: Primary, Secondary and Higher
• Corporate boardroom, meeting room and Training
• Coaching Classes

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